Zenica-Doboj Canton: best practice example – the EU funded projects

Đenana Čolaković

One may conclude that it is not easy to be successful in the specific public calls of EU programmes. An argument in line to that conclusion is the percentage of approved projects in the previous programming period (2007-2013) which was approximately 3.5% to maximum 4% out of all project submitted for entire area of South-East Europe. However, the percentage of the approved projects under the new public calls within the programmes that EU established in the frame of the new programming period (2014-2020) is higher, mainly due to the experience gained and lessons learned, thus the Department already has 5 project approved which is 10% of the total number of submitted project applications in the period 2014-2017.

Department for Development and International Projects of Zenica-Doboj Canton regularly follows the public calls within different EU programmes, informs all cantonal bodies (ministries, departments, directorates, etc.) on open public calls and coordinates and supports them in analysing the public calls, as well as identifies the programmes and calls for which Zenica-Doboj Canton is eligible project partner, and then intensively works on preparation of the project applications, project documentation and creation of the project partnerships.


Department for Development and International Projects of Zenica-Doboj Canton has 13 years of experience and has successfully implemented 12 projects intended to different sectors, funded by EU in the programme period 2007-2014 within the following Programmes:

– Programme INTERREG CARDS PHARE: projects implemented „AdriaNet“, „FareAdri“, „Reces Modiqus“ and „WoodArt“ (4 projects implemented);

– SEE Programme: projects implemented „Governmental Social Responsibility Model: An Innovative Approach of Quality in Governmental Operations and Outcomes (GSR model)“ and „RECULTIVATUR“ (2 projects implemented);

– MED Programme: project implemented „Mediterranean Eco Industrial Development (MEID)“ (1 project implemented);

– Interact Programme: projects implemented „React“ and „Eurotool“ (2 projects implemented);

– Adriatic IPA CBC Programme: projects implemented „Platform for the Information Technology aimed at Getting Opportunities to reduce ICT gap in the Adriatic area (PITAGORA)“, „Statistical networks in the Tourism sector of Adriatic Regions (STAR)“ and „ADRIAMUSE“ (3 projects implemented);


Currently, in the new EU programming phase (2014-2020) within so called IPA II, Department for Development and International Projects of Zenica-Doboj Canton is implementing 5 approved projects under the 3 EU programmes as follows:


  1. Implementation of the projects approved under INTERREG Mediterranean Programme 2014-2020 (INTERREG MED)

Project GRASPINNO – “Transnational model, strategies and decision support for innovative clusters and business networks towards green growth, focusing on green e-procurement in EE/RES for energy refurbishment of public buildings”  – GRASPINNO, is project whose goal is to ensure the innovative solutions in public procurements for the purpose of energy savings and efficiency in the renovation of public buildings within smart cities and communities. Project belongs to the Priority axis 1 of Programme MED, referring to the promotion of the Mediterranean innovative capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth.

Project Lead partner: University of Patras, Greece.

Total project value (€): 3,204,787.00

Project TEESCHOOLS – “Transferring Energy Efficiency in Mediterranean SCHOOLS “– TEESCHOOLS, is project whose goal is ensuring the new solutions for local authorities in technical and financial sense in order to better implement activities related to the energy norms in renovating the school buildings. Project falls under the Priority axis 2 of Programme MED, related to fostering low-carbon strategies and energy efficiency in specific MED territories.

Project Lead partner: National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development, Italy.

Total project value (€): 2,840,000.00


  1. Implementation of the projects approved under INTERREG Danube Transnational Programme (INTERREG DTP)

Project EDU-LAB – „New Danubian Governance in Labour market Relevance of Higher Education” – EDU-LAB, with a goal to strengthen institutional capacities for the purpose of high education relevance of real labour market needs in order to keep young generations in country while focusing on adjustment of training to the real needs of the labour market. Project belongs to the Priority 4 of DTP Programme referring to the well governed Danube region.

Project Lead partner: European Foundation for Education, Germany

Total project value (€): 2,528,088.90

Project NETWORLD – “Networking in Preserving the First World War Multicultural Heritage in the Danube Countries”– NETWORLD, is a project with a goal to apply the systematic approach towards management and usage of the resources and cultural heritage from World War One in the area of Danubian countries, by combining of the heritage with sustainable cultural tourism, creation of cultural and touristic strategies, tools, touristic tours and services. Project belongs to the Priority 2 of DTP Programme referring to the environment and culture responsible Danube region.

Project Lead partner: Soca Valley Development Centre, Slovenia.

Total project value (€): 1.869.398,00


  1. Implementation of the projects approved under INTERREG Adriatic-Ionian Programme 2014 – 2020 (INTERREG ADRION)

Project FOST INNO – “Fostering tourism innovation system in Adriatic-Ionian Region”, is a project of the knowledge networking with the goal to develop unique (common) methodology enabling the creation of the new touristic products (of high level of recognisability and authenticity for Adriatic-Ionian region) with the emphasized creativity and innovation. Project belongs to the Priority axis 1 of ADRION Programme – Innovative and smart region, Specific goal 1.1 – Support the development of a regional innovation system for the Adriatic-Ionian area.

Project Lead partner: Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality Management, University of Rijeka, Croatia

Total project value (€): 1.317.531,52



Đenana Čolaković
Đenana Čolaković

Đenana Čolaković, diplomirani inžinjer mašinstva i magistar ekonomskih nauka. Do 2004. godine je radila u Međunarodnom crvenom križu i Uredu visokog predstavanika za BiH. Od 2004. do 2007. godine je bila savjetnik premijera ZDK. Od 2007. godine je sekretar Stručne službe za razvoj i međunarodne projekte Zeničko-dobojskog kantona.

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