Economy november 2017

The economies in the region support agriculture five to six times more and that is exactly what makes the producers in FBiH, and BiH uncompetitive.

The questionable cost effectiveness of the Unit / Block 7 of TPP Tuzla and TPP Banovići. It is necessary to have adequate and transparent cost-effectiveness studies in order to avoid any speculation about personal interests.

The number of employees in the FBiH since the arrival of Fadil Novalic as the PM of the FBiH has increased by exactly 35,962, according to the Istinomjer.

The AS Group Tesanj company owns two-thirds of Agrokomerc Kladuša, and has managed to revive production there. It is still a small capacity but there is a growth potential.

The new World Bank Doing Business Report 2018 on ease of operation places BiH at the very bottom of European countries with an additional downgrade for 7 places.

The Central Bank of BiH: as at 1 November, the total number of 75,261 business entities was blocked, while 64,213 companies have, at least, one account blocked.

RS and Croatia, with an agreement with a Russian supplier, signed an international agreement according to which Croatia will ship the gas to the Brod Refinery in RS. According to the BH Gas company, due to this project, Sarajevo, Istočno Sarajevo, and part of Banja Luka may remain without gas.

Citizens’ deposits account for 57.6% of total deposits in commercial banks, and with continuous growth in 2017, they reached, at the end of September, the highest level of KM 11.2 billion (CBBH).

According to the results of the Labor Force Survey for 2017, the labor force (economically active population) in BH consisted of 1,026,337 persons, while the number of inactive persons was 1,380,994. Within the labor force, there were 815,659 employed persons, and 210,678 unemployed persons. The unemployment rate in the Survey was significantly lower than that registered one and it was 20.5 percent at the level of BiH for 2017.

The Embassy of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Vienna, in cooperation with the Austrian Chamber of Commerce (WKO) and with the support of Bank Austria, on 29 November 2017, organized the promotion of investment and economic potentials of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At the Summit of China and countries of Central and Eastern Europe (CEEC), known as the Cooperation 16 + 1, held on November 27 in Budapest, the delegation of BiH led by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers Denis Zvizdic, among signed bilaterial agreements, also signed the one on visa-free regime for ordinary passport holders between the Government of the People’s Republic of China and the Council of Ministers of BiH. The second, very important document is the Agreement on Agricultural Cooperation between the Ministry of Agriculture of China and the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH. The third document that was signed is the Loan Agreement for the Unit / Block 7 of the Thermal Power Plant (TPP) in Tuzla. The value of the signed projects is worth almost KM 4 billion.

In the first ten months of this year, Bosnia and Herzegovina exported goods worth KM 9.09 billion, which is 18.2 percent more than in the same period last year.



eVal urednik
eVal urednik


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