Evaluation Society in Bosnia & Herzegovina

If you belong to professional community of engineers, economists, lawyers and/or you are part of private, government or a civil society organization that want to enhance decision making based on facts and evidences this is right place for you-Join us.

The Society is organized according to Bosnia law on non profit basis and volunteers are the heart of this organization.

Membership is open to all engaged in M&E practice or theory, to all who conduct, use, order or have intention to learn more about monitoring and evaluation practice.

We are delighted to announce the start of publication of the E VAL series.

It was recognized that there is a need for a dedicated space for publishing results of original research and evaluations, the conference proceedings, overviews of successful projects. The aim is also to utilize knowledge stored within years of experience within public and CSO sector and international organizations. Our intention is also to capture the diverse scholarly interests of academic and expert community and other sources of knowledge and information relevant to socioeconomic development and EU integration process.

Contributions are distributed as an open-access online distributed to subscribers as well as through monthly publication.

Focus is on a topics of relevance to the wide public interested in socioeconomic development, evaluation issues, EU integrations and project development.

This project consists of texts prepared by number of experts within their respected field. Our priority is to provide equal access to views that are independent, free of any political, partisan or any group interest.

Our work is guided by a credo: Knowledge-Freedom-Accountability. Intention is to provide “Knowledge” part on different issues, as a precondition to “Freedom” to make choice and “Accountability” to public funds and public. These we consider as the key elements of development.

EVAL, publish continuously from November 2017. EVAL is the most widely circulated online magazine in Bosnia. EVAL reach includes a growing electronic media presence in LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.

Frequency of Publication and Access. EVAL is published continuously with consolidation monthly or with sufficient number of texts for the full publication, while individual texts are sent periodically. All articles are made free access online, circulated through emails and social networks, mobile version is available on an html app called The ELVAL Network Reader on the day of publication. In addition, the online version is freely available. Languages are BHS or English. Publication will be published in BHS and English.

BHEVAL is a member of the IOCE, WBEN, and is partnered with the EvalPartners, European Evaluation Society, and American Evaluation Association. To be updated
EVAL’s Key Objectives

To promote the accountability and knowledge and freedom of choice through evidence based policy making. Where our creed is “Knowledge-Freedom-Accountability”
Furthermore, our mission is:

1. To foster responsible and balanced debate on important issues that affect development policy
2. To provide research and evaluation presentation and methods
3. To achieve the highest level of ethical and expert based journalism and to produce a publication that is timely, credible, and enjoyable to read
4. To maintain the highest standards of editorial integrity independent of any special interests groups and free of any conflict of interest
5. To publish original, important, valid, articles on a diverse range of development topics
6. To inform readers about the different aspects and evidence based view of development issues

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Evaluation Society in Bosnia & Hercegovina

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You can support our work. With your donation you can help achieve our goals and objectives.

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Name of the recipient: Udruzenje evaluatora u BiH

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