Call for authors

Why Publish in EVAL?

EVAL offers:

A chance to present your research, methods, findings and recommendations.
A chance to highlight important iss ues in the development of societies.
A chance to present yourself as an expert in certain field
To contribute to the country development process.


We invite authors to submit their ideas for publication. Authors should have proven expertise in the field of the topic discussed.

Prijavljeni radovi trebaju biti na bosanskom / hrvatskom / srpskom / engleskom jeziku.

In general submissions should be in Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian/English Submissions that have been published elsewhere in any form and in any language, in print or online, will not be considered. Submissions may take different forms:

E VAL aims at a knowledgeable non-specialist audience. Submissions may take different forms and detailed description is given in Instructions for Authors. 

Authors whose submissions have been accepted are notified as quickly as possible. Prospective contributors who do not receive a reply within five days should feel free to submit their manuscript elsewhere.

Authors should go through the process of publication which includes, submission of an online form and editorial feedback.

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